Batelco graffiti event

the Bahrain telecommunication company (Batelco) 
 decided to make a graffiti event to advertise 
a new service for the blackberry 
it was fun and people loved it  
and heres the pics  

breakdancing  was awesome  
 group picture with the event manager 

  my bro Leon.D doing his work  

 my artwork
this is a video made by batelco about the event

Lebanon wall

i wen t to Lebanon to meet my friend oras  there 
he owns  a mtn colors shop 

so i decided to try it on their wall :P
but fortunetelling we got caught by police :P

 at the shop

 this is my friend horrik from Russia

 here we go

 as u see in this picture the police are waiting for 
us to move :P

   this is the last picture before leaving Lebanon
had a great time there 

the loudart opening

i had a great night , thank god my artwork has been sold :)  
, the opening was vary nice and  crowded  ,
 thanks to all those people who attended the opening  
thanks to all the artist i met there 
enjoy the pictures 

loud exhibition in progress

getting ready for the exhibition in KSA  this is my artwork in progress

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the lady

made this wall next to the beach , hope you all like it

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art out of dust

i wanted to wash my car but i was to lazy to do it and i was like hmmmm lets try something new :p

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